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Batala Gwada

Founded in 2009 by a former drummer from Batala Paris, the band's main objective is to promote Samba-Reggae sounds as well as afro-brazilian culture and mix it with the Guadeloupean culture and music.

Batala performs all year long and has been part of the Guadeloupe Carnival movement since 2011.

Since 2013, Batala Gwada's popularity has been growing in Guadeloupe and is now known to the general public. Batala has appeared in many festivals and shows (privates as well as publics) and has been involved in social and cultural activities.

Mundo Batala

The Batala adventure started in Paris (France) in 1997, when Giba Conçalvez, professional musician born in Salvador de Bahia, founded Batala. The band's musical style is Samba-Reggae.

Quickly, sister bands spread all over the world. Balata sister bands were created on 4 continents and are 10 to 100 drummers strong. All bands share the same costumes, instruments, choreographies and, of course, musical repertoire.

Every year, members from all bands around the world gather to learn new pieces and exchange knowledge as well as party!

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